Sewabsnl Dharmapuri District Conference 

First District Conference of Sewabsnl Dharmapuri District was Conducted on 15th Feb 2018 at the office premises of GM BSNL Dharmapuri in a Grand and Very appreciable manner.

Shri Balaji GM BSNL Dharmapuri unveiled the Portrait of Babasaheb Dr B R Ambedkar at the main entrance of GM office building. Association Flag hoisted by National President Sewabsnl. 

Shri Balaji GM BSNL Dharmapuri, Smt Suganthi Baskaran AGM ( Admn & HR ) and other representatives of Unions and Associations of Bsnl were blessed the Conference. 

On behalf of TN Circle Shri G Kanagarajan Circle President, Shri C Balaraman Circle Secretary,Shri Panneerselvam Circle Vice President, Shri Sadasivam Asst Circle Secretary attended and delivered Special address .Shri Kaliappan Hony Circle Advisor, Shri R Madhaiyan DS Salem, Shri P Prabhu DFS Vellore, Shri Manivannan Ex DP Salem, Shri Jayakumar Ex Circle Org Secretary, Shri Vetrivel DOB Salem were also attended the Conference. 

In the Post Lunch Session Election was Conducted by officially Nominated Returning Officer Smt Suganthi Baskaran AGM (HR & Admn). Shri Chandrasekaran JTO, Shri Vijayakumar JTO and Shri Murugan AOS were unanimously elected as District President, District Secretary and District Finance Secretary respectively. 

In TN Circle, there are 20 SSAs / Districts. We have already formed and Completed District Conferences for 19 SSAs / Districts. Although We were continuously trying to form a District unit in Dharmapuri SSA, unable to form a District unit since formation of Sewabsnl because of Trade unions and Associations domination and threatening. But now , due to our services and effective steps of our Dynamic Circle President Shri G Kanagarajan and Circle Secretary Shri C Balaraman
with the help of brothers Vijayakumar , Chandrasekaran, Krishnan, Viswanathan and Murugan, the last District Conference of Sewabsnl Dharmapuri District Successfully Conducted and New office Bearers selected unanimously. Now our aim, ambitious and dreams are fulfilled. 

On behalf of Sewabsnl CHQ, I record my Sincere Thanks to Shri G Kanagarajan Circle President and Shri C Balaraman Circle Secretary for their incessant attempts and Newly Elected District Secretary Shri Vijayakumar JTO for his devotion and sincere efforts.

With regards 

P N Perumal NP SEWA.



An Exclusive Historical Very Grand and Total Successfull CWC & GBM Meeting of Sewabsnl CHQ Conducted in Chennai on 9th Feb 2018

The 2nd CWC & 6th GBM Meeting of Sewabsnl CHQ held in Chennai on 9th Feb 2018 at RGM TTC BSNL Meenambakkam is indeed a milestone in the 11 year distant past of Sewabsnl. since formation of Sewabsnl this is the first time that we have conducted a CWC and Governing Body Members Meeting in a Effective, Very Grand and Total Successfull way by giving Spectacular Performance in the eyes of onlookers by all means. It was Conducted by giving more attention with All facilities such as good Accommodation, Staying facilities, Delicious Veg and Non Veg foods and Amusements like a All India Conference beyond the expectation of Participants.

In the Open Session, from BSNL TN Circle Shri R Marshal Antony Leo ITS CGM BSNL TN Circle, Shri P Santhosham ITS PGM ( NP-CM & EB ) , Shri P V Karunanidhi ITS PGM ( NWP- CFA ), Shri D Mohan GM ( HR & Admn ), Shri V Sundararajan LO ( SCT), Smt S Geetha Principal RGM TTC BSNL Meenambakkam Chennai, Shri Ravikumar Sr DE ( Tech ) RGM TTC BSNL Meenambakkam Chennai and Shri S Loganathan AD ( SCT) BSNL TN Circle were attended the meeting and blessed the occasion. 

Shri S Veeraragavan President of Govt Multi State Telecom Co opetive Society Ltd Chennai, A Strong Proponent and a Real Well Wisher attended as Guest of honour. We honoured him by Presenting Shawl and Bouquet, remembering his Commitments, Contributions to come out from hurdles and Incessant Patronage .

Our Respected and Affectionate Trade unions and Associations Leaders Shri Chandeshwar Singh GS NFTE, Shri V Subburaman GS TEPU, Shri S Sivakumar All India President AIBSNLEA, Shri K Rajasekaran All India President AIBSNLOA, Shri S Chellappa AGS BSNLEU, Shri C K Mathivanan CS NFTE CHTD & GS of NFTCL and Shri J Vijayakumar CS TEPU CHTD & Dy GS TEPU were also attended and Greeted. We honoured them all by Presenting Shawl and Bouquet.

In the Open Session, From UP, Shri Ajit Gautam , A close Associate of Babasaheb Dr B R Ambedkar and Manyavar Kansiramji has attended as a Special Guest and he shared his experiences, sweet memories had with them. It was a proudable, enthusiastic and energetic to the participants. 

Open Session Started at 10.30 am by a Tremendous Cultural Music and wonderful / Beautiful Dance. All the Dignitaries, Unions/ Associations Leaders and Officers including our GS of Sewabsnl and other Leaders of Sewabsnl were brought to the Dias by singing and dancing with wind blowing sound of music by the entire Cultural Team. In Toto, All along, It was extremely Surprising,Impressive, Amazing and an Astonishing to Our beloved Leaders and All level office Bearers of Sewabsnl. 

Our Respected CGM BSNL TN Circle Shri R Marshal Antony Leo ITS inaugurated the open session by Garlanding the portrait of Dr B R Ambedkar. Our Special Guest of Honour Shri S Veeraragavan President of Govt Multi State Telecom Co opetive Society Ltd Chennai lighted the Candles to the portrait of Lord Buddha. Smt S Geetha Principal RGM TTC BSNL Meenambakkam Chennai lighted the Kuthu Vilakku.

In the post Lunch Session, before Commencement of CWC / Governing Body Members Meeting, National President unveiled the Stone inscription of Sewabsnl at the main entrance of RGM TTC and Association flag was hoisted by General Secretary. 

In the CWC / Governing Body Members Meeting, Circle Presidents/ Circle Secretaries and Representatives from 19 Circles ie: Tamil Nadu, Chennai Telephones, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Utter Pradesh West, NTR Delhi, BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Odisha, West Bengal, Kolcutta Telephones, Bihar and Jharkhand and 16 CHQ Office Bearers were attended and were given opportunity for elaborate deliberation on Agenda points deeply and freely .

Finally, It is decided to Conduct Two days All India Conference tentatively in March or April 2018. Day 1 for Annual General Body Meeting for Amendments of bye law Provisions of Sewabsnl and Day 2 for Election Process. Venue and Dates Will be intimated very soon as possible and Notice for Conference Will be Notified in due Course. 

Our Sincere and Heartiest Thanks to All Devoted Circle Presidents/ Circle Secretaries, CHQ Office Bearers, Other Leaders and Ardent Bonafide Members of Sewabsnl and Well Wishers for their faith on Sewabsnl, involvement, commitment and continued support to the present CHQ Governing Body headed by us. 

Because, It is not exaggeration and we can proudly say that Since formation of Sewabsnl, among the Leaders of Sewabsnl there was no unanimity, unity and consensus. In the past 11 years not even a single CHQ President and General Secretary has been completed their Full Tenure of 2 years. Instead, All were Splitted, Quarelling each other for their personal sake, personal gain and to retain their Association position purely for their gain. From them , to Save the Sewa, We have lost a lot and have Spent lacks of rupees for the cases illegally filed by them to defunct Sewabsnl. That Power Mongers, Vested interests, Stooges and Tools still continuing their divide and rule episode in the name of color, caste , north, south etc. 

But this is the only BODY redeemed and regained Sewabsnl facing enormous Strains and difficulties thru Solapur Conference and also this is one and only CHQ Body Completed its Full Tenure Period of Two Years with your blessings, affection and unblemished Strong Support. For that we are very much Grateful and Thankfully acknowledge our gratitude. We Strongly believe SEWA will never go in the hands of vested interests and Will be Saved by Selfless leaders and thousands of Bonafide Members. 

Finally, We record our Earnest Thanks to the Leaders of Tamil Nadu Circle. Particularly Shri G Kanagarajan CP , Shri C Balaraman CS, Shri K Asokan CT , Shri G Vairamani Ex CT , Shri R Premkumar ACS, Shri Ompraksh DS CGMO, Shri Murugaian DS Thanjavur for their Physical support. Beyond this , We Wholeheartedly record our Earnest Thanks to Shri V Nagamani CVP for his sincere and hard work and dedicative services to the leaders with financial Commitment. With the Support of Tamil Nadu Circle only , We brought the meeting to a Grand Success . Thanks to ALL. 

With regards 

P N Perumal NP SEWA.



Meeting with Honb'le Chairman ST Commission 

A meeting of Sewabsnl Representatives was held with Ho'nble Chairman of ST Commission Shri Nand Kumar Sai in New Delhi Commission office on 6.2.2018 1200 noon .

Miss Anusuiya Uikey Hon'ble Vice Chairman, Shri S K Damor , Shri H C Vasava Honb'le Members, Shri Raghav Chandra IAS Secretary, Shri Ratho Jt Secretary, Shri P T Jameskutty Dy Secretary, Shri D S Kumbhare Under Secretary were present. From BSNL Management Shri Surendra Singh GM & CLO ( SCT) and S S Rana DGM ( SCT) represented.

From Sewabsnl PN Perumal NP, ND Ram GS, Shri Hanumanth Rao DGS, Sh Valvi VP, Sh R A Meena CP BSNLCO, Sh Mukesh CS BSNLCO, Shri Suresh Meena CP NTR, Smt Anjali ACS,BSNLCO, Sh Arun Tirkey OS BSNLCO & Sh Balaram DS Jodhapur attended the meeting. 

We apprised the Ho'nble Commission in detailed about the sinister move of Mgmt to abolish the reservation roster in the name of CPSU Hierarchy.  In the matter of pending promotion due to court cases, we suggested to issue promotion with the rule of reservation subject to outcome of court verdicts.

We raised the issue of promotion to the post of DGM(T). Also raised other issues like filling up of vacancy in ST Catagory in LICE in HR Circle, relaxation in CGA appointment cases for SC/STs, Relaxation in qualifying years in case of NEPP, & facilities at SSA Level.

We also raised the issue of erection of statue of Baba saheb Dr B R Ambedkar in TN circle office Chennai. Presentation is attached. Hearing of Commission was very positive and they particularly assured to seriously look into the Issue of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. 

With regards 

P N Perumal NP SEWA.




Due to Our Consistent hard efforts and incessant Pressure, PGM BSNL Trichy has issued request Transfer Orders to :

1) Smt V Thamizhselvi JTO From Ariyalur to Trichy

2) Shri R Balamurugan JTO From Ariyalur to Turaiyur

Our Sincere Thanks to Shri Raju ITS PGM Trichy for Considered the request of Sewabsnl.

Hats off to Circle President Shri G Kanagarajan and Circle Secretary Shri C Balaraman for their organizational visit to Trichy for the redressal of this two transfer cases.

With regards 
P N Perumal NP SEWA.


Congrats to SEWA TN Circle 

Sewabsnl Tamil Nadu Circle Conducted its 4th Circle Conference Very Successfully in a Grand Manner on 10th Jan at RGM TTC BSNL Meenambakkam Chennai and Granted Approval and recognition by the CGM BSNL TN Circle on 11th Jan 2018 .

After accorded Approval to the Circle Governing Body of Sewabsnl TN Circle by BSNL TN Circle, Circle President Shri G Kanagarajan and Circle Secretary Shri C Balaraman organised a Special Meeting of Sewabsnl on 25th Jan 2018 at Sewabsnl Tiruchi SSA District Office O/o PGM Trichy to form a District Adhoc Body for IMPCS Wing / Nodal Centre of Trichy . 

The Special Meeting convened by Sewabsnl TN Circle President Shri G Kanagarajan and Circle Secretary Shri C Balaraman, was Presided over by Shri A Satheeshkumar SDE IMPCS Coimbatore. Our Hony Circle Advisor Shri S Nambiar and Circle Executive Member Shri Sundaram were also present .

After Special Address by Circle President, Circle Secretary and District Office Bearers of Sewabsnl Trichy SSA, Shri A Satheeshkumar SDE IMPCS Coimbatore, Shri N Narayanan JTO Nodal Centre of Trichy and Smt E Rajeswari BSS Coimbatore were unanimously nominated with their proper consent as District President, District Secretary and District Finance Secretary respectively for the IMPCS Wing / Nodal Centre of Trichy Adhoc Body.

On the Same day, District Adhoc Body Members list has been submitted to Shri George T Mathai, PGM BSNL Nodal Centre of Trichy by Circle President and Circle Secretary for formal Approval .

Congrats to the New Adhoc Body Members of Sewabsnl IMPCS Wing and Hats off to Sewabsnl TN Circle President Shri G Kanagarajan and Circle Secretary Shri C Balaraman for their effective dynamic functioning within a short period of assuming charge as CP and CS.

With regards 
P N Perumal NP SEWA.







Courtesy Call Made by Newly Elected Circle Office Bearers of Sewabsnl TN Circle on 23rd Jan 2018 with CGM and other Senior officers of BSNL TN Circle

The Newly Elected Sewabsnl TN Circle Governing Body Members led by Shri G Kanagarajan Circle President and Shri C Balaraman Circle Secretary accompanied by National President made a Courtesy Call on 23rd Jan 2018 with Shri Marshal Antony Leo ITS CGM, Sh G Ravi PGM (Fin), Shri Santhosham ITS PGM , Shri Karunanidhi ITS PGM, Smt Poongodi ITS PGM, Shri Mohan GM HR , Smt Uma Addl Chief Architect, Shri Sundararajan LO SCT, Shri P K Periyasamy DGM F, Shri Varadarajan DGM HR and Shri Rajasekaran CPRO & OSD to CGM of BSNL TN Circle , presented bouquet of flowers, Shawls and distributed Sweets celebrating the Grand Success of Sewabsnl Tamil Nadu Circle Conference, unanimous Circle body and for the Co-operation of Circle Administration for the Smooth conduction of Circle Conference.



Meeting With Smt Aruna Sundararajan Secretary Dept of Telecom & Chairman Telecom Commission in Chennai on 23rd Jan 2018 by Forum of All Unions and Associations of Bsnl 

Smt Aruna Sundararajan Secretary Dept of Telecom & Chairman Telecom Commission New Delhi Visited BSNL Tamil Nadu Circle Office Chennai on 23rd Jan 2018 for attending a development meeting. In the Meeting Smt N Poonguzhali ITS Advisor DOT, Shri Marshal Antony Leo ITS CGM BSNL TN Circle, Smt Kalavathi ITS CGM BSNL Chennai Telephones and all other Senior officers of both Circles were attended. Utilising the occasion, Forum of All Unions and Associations of Bsnl Tamil Nadu Circle met respected Secretary DOT & Chairman Telecom Commission Smt Aruna Sundararajan Submitted Memorandum requesting immediate implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL



An Exclusive Sewabsnl TN Circle 1st Governing Body Members Meeting 

 An Exclusive Special Sewabsnl TN Circle Governing Body Members Meeting convened on 23rd Jan 2018 at CGMO Sewa District Office Chennai under the Presidentship of Shri G Kanagarajan Circle President. The main agenda of the meeting was Role of the Sewabsnl TN Circle in the ensuing CHQ 2nd CWC/ 6th CHQ GBM Meeting to be held on 9th Feb in Chennai. National President Sewabsnl attended in the meeting and made an Appeal for All Co-operation from TN Circle to make the forthcoming CHQ CWC & GBM a Grand Success in all manner.























*Bonus meeting of recognised unions with BSNL Management*

I hope all are aware of the meeting called by management on 13-10-2017 in which both the recognised unions were invited by management for discussion on PLI/ Bonus issue.

Although all the CHQ leaders were participating in the National Executive Commitee Meeting on the said day at Vijayawada, the General Secretary of NFTE nominated Com.Rajpal, Circle Secretary,NTR & Secretary (CHQ) as well as Com.M.B.Singh, Circle President of Corporate Office NFTE , who were at Delhi.  But no leaders turned down on behalf of BSNLEU,for the reason which  the meeting postponed for 16-10-2017.

*Today's (16-10-2017) meeting*

Today as scheduled the meeting held in which the General Secretary, NFTE attended, & on behalf of BSNLEU the  Deputy GS  represented their union in the  meeting.

In the meeting the Director (HR)  intimated that a meeting of recognised unions will be called after the meeting of PLI committee takes place, which consists of  the representatives of recognised unions too.

*Director(HR) questions BSNLEU for their drama*

The Dy.GS of BSNLEU was shocked & was ashamed on some firing  questions asked by the Director (HR).

The Director (HR) asked BSNLEU representatives:

- How you entered into agitational programme with short notice of 2 days ? Is it right ?

- When u people (BSNLEU) were conducting Lunch Hour demonstration in ground floor of this Corporate  office, Why your union didn't turn down for the meeting?

The Director (HR) further commented :-
You(BSNLEU)  people do Drama just to expose your union as well-wishers of BSNL employees, and your union entered into demonstration programme instead of sitting for discussion although invited by management.

The Dy.GS, BSNLEU has no word to place as  reply before Director(HR) , except for to sit by his head bent down  before Dir(HR).

*Meeting on CSC*
BSNLEU gave wide publicity in their websites and through other sources that they have entered into agreement with management of not outsourcing CSC. But this was an act of BSNLEU to keep in dark the employees from the truth. Whereas in actual BSNLEU entered into agreement with management by allowing to out-source 3 CSC in each zone. This act of BSNLEU was only to favour private telecom operators.

Knowing the ill intention of BSNLEU the GS, NFTE immediately  opposed this move & hence a meeting fixed today. But as various officers were very busy, the meeting could not take place & the said meeting is postponed for 18-10-2017.

Courtesy Call with CGM and PGM ( Finance) and Meeting with GM ( HR & Admn), DGM (HR) and DGM ( Finance ) for the redressal of grievances

On 11/10/2017, As a courtesy call we met CGM ( Additional Charge) Shri Santhosham ITS and Shri Ravi PGM (Finance) of BSNL TN Circle alongwith Shri C Balaraman and Shri V Nagamani New Circle Secretary and Dy Circle Secretary of Sewabsnl TN Circle, Shri ROM Padmanabhan DP, Shri M Omprakash DS and Shri A Ramesh DFS. They were honoured by Circle Secretary Shri C Balaraman by Presenting shawls. And then, We met Shri Mohan GM ( HR & Admn) , Shri Varadarajan DGM ( HR ) and Shri P K Periasamy DGM ( Finance ) regarding postings of JTO trainees as per their Choice after completion of their training program and JAO training program for Left out SC and Newly Qualified ST under relaxed standard and lesser evaluation. The GM ( HR & Admn ) and DGM ( HR ) has assured to consider favourably put forth before them. We Thanked them for their positive response.

With regards

P N Perumal NP SEWA


Meeting with CGM, GM HR & Admn and DGM HR

Met CGM, GM HR & Admn and DGM HR on 16-10-2017 alongwith National President Shri P N Perumal, Circle Vice President Shri K Asokan, Cgmo District Secretary Shri M Omprakash, District Finance Secretary Shri A Ramesh and Shri Chockkalingam for disposal of Pending grievances of SC/ST Employees and Executives including Transfer and postings. 

First, We Met DGM HR Shri Varadarajan for for postings of Training JTOs for their opted place. DGM HR was Very Positive to Post them as per their choice except Very few. That too we are trying to satisfy them by taking maximum efforts. 

Then, We Met GM HR & Admn for Transfer Case of Shri Sundaram ATT from Turaiyur to Tiruchy and Regularise or Extension of Temp Tfr in BSS Mdu of Shri Pandithurai SDE. He assured to sought for report from Tiruchy SSA to settle the case. Regarding Shri Pandithurai SDE Case, he explained the present Status and accepted to discuss with CGM for further decision. 

And then, We Met Shri Santhosham ITS CGM ( Additional Charge)  for Circle Secretary Immunity Transfer from Vellore to Chennai, Shri W Nasaran ATT and Shri Pandithurai SDE issues. Our respected CGM has assured to consider the issues put forth by Sewabsnl favourably. 

With regards 
G Kanagarajan CP
C Balaraman CS 
Sewabsnl TN Circle



Nomination of New LO SCT for TN Circle 

Consequent to the expiry of Tenure period of Shri P K Periasamy DGM Fin as LO SCT TN Circle, Shri V Sundararajan DGM IT&ERP Circle Office is Nominated as LO SCT TN Circle with immediate effect. 

On 22/9/2017, Acting Circle Secretary Shri C Balaraman, Asst Circle Secretary Shri V Nagamani, CGM District President Shri ROM Padmanabhan, District Secretary Shri M Omprakash, District Finance Secretary Shri A Ramesh, District Advisor Shri W Nasaran, Loyal Member Shri A Chokkalingam and I Met Respected CGM BSNL nTamil Nadu Circle Smt N Poonguzhali ITS, introduced our Acting Circle Secretary Shri C Balaraman and requested her to unveil the portrait of Our Beloved Leader Late Shri T Muthukrishnan on 6-10-2017 before Commencement of Circle Governing Body Members Meeting. Madam accepted our request to unveil the portrait of Shri T Muthukrishnan on 6-10-2017.  

And then We met Outgoing LO SCT Shri P K Periasamy and Incoming New LO SCT Shri V Sundararajan in their Chambers. 

We Sincerely Thanked Shri P K Periasamy Outgoing LO SCT TN Circle by presenting shawl for his dedication and immediate hard efforts in settling the justified grievances of SC/ST employees put forth by Sewabsnl. Indeed he was a guiding Personality and Role model for the post. We cannot forget him ever. 

Incoming LO SCT TN Circle Shri V Sundararajan also a Very good officer of our Community. he is well experienced and through in rulings.Once he was our Loyal Member and now our well wisher. he was always having faith and trust on our Association. We welcomed him by presenting a Shawl to him. 

With Regards 
P N Perumal NP



Dear brothers,JaiBheem

TamilNadu Circle governing body meeting will be held on 06.10.2017. All the circle office bearers please attend without fail.

With Regards 
G Kanagarajan Circle President 
C Balaraman Dy Circle Secretary &
G Vairamani Circle Finance secretary.

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